6 month update!

As we enter into the 6th month of our JayceeBaby journey, we couldn’t be more delighted to share what we’ve been up to!

Launching a new brand AND a new product was never going to be easy. What has helped, however, is simply the quality and luxuriousness of the product. The Perfectly Padded Playmat is just so soft and so well made (even if we do say so ourselves!) that our customers and reviewers have been delighted, even astounded, when they receive it!

I suppose what has helped is that the concept and design has come from the experience of a mother with her son (me actually!). Having a very active child who hated tummy time, couldn’t sit still (with obviously no concept of risk awareness!), loved to make a mess, dropped food EVERYWHERE (and had a tendency to vomit it out frequently) helped me create a truly practical product.

With a product that is truly of a high quality (we would never dream of settling for anything less), it is of little surprise that we have been able to work with some of the most exclusive magazines (like Tatler and House of Coco) and bloggers in the short time we have been around. We have a lot more coming up in the coming days, and can’t wait for you all to be a part of this incredibly exciting journey!

Here are some of our favourite snippets so far:


‘The Perfectly Padded Playmat is one-of-a-kind, and almost more of a play-mattress with its 5cm thick and soft padding…It’s brilliant for cushioning babies mastering the art of sitting up, and for toddlers learning how to stand and walk. It’s also great for mum and dad’s bum too – it can be very uncomfortable down on the floor all day long!’

My Baba


‘I’m thrilled to say that Rupert fell, smashed and rolled all over the place on this mat but there wasn’t even one accompanying scream. The padding is so thick it’s literally like playing on clouds.’

Little Me London – Luxury Parenting for Sophisticated Mothers


Les couleurs are soft and blend so well together. Oui! I might seem a bit superficial but the look counts! It would be idéal in any nursery and we love the large selection of activities that encourage speech and imaginative play.’

The Frenchie Mummy


‘A feature I really like about the Perfectly Padded Playmat, is that it is double-sided. One side is aimed more at younger babies, with a softer surface and interactive elements. The other has a firmer surface and has a design that has been created to encourage speech and imaginative play.’

Emily And Indiana


I was initially surprised at the size of the mat, but once unfolded I was astounded by the quality and thickness of the JayceeBaby play mat. I must have used dozens of playmats during my time as a probate maternity nurse and nanny, but nothing even comes close to this mat.

Mini Me and Luxury




House of Coco



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