It’s natural to want the best for our little ones. I’m no different. And so when my little boy was born, I did everything I could to keep him safe and secure in every way possible.

When it came to buying a baby play mat, however, I just wasn’t satisfied. The small ones were simply that – too small. Large ones weren’t soft enough. A bit like Goldilocks, the first few I tried just weren’t right. But unlike Goldilocks, I could never find my ‘Just Right’.

I soon realised I wasn’t the only parent with unfulfilled baby play mat needs. And so I joined forces with my sister, a devoted auntie, and JayceeBaby was born. We used our science backgrounds, combined with our practical mummy and aunty experiences, to create a soft and safe, yet stimulating play environment for babies and toddlers. One of our main aims was to protect little heads and teeth from knocks when engaging in tummy time, learning to roll over, sit up or crawl, whilst still providing lots of stimulation for baby to encourage their development. After a lot of hard work, we feel we have achieved the right balance in JayceeBaby‘s  Perfectly Padded Baby Playmat!

For us, it is ‘Just Right’.

To all the Parents, Grandparents, treasured family members and friends… we hope you love it as much as we do, and that it is ‘Just Right’ for your little ones too!

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Sayjel & Sonal