April Rocks!

April is a pretty special month for us here at JayceeBaby. Why, you might ask? Well, the very reason we came into being was born in April.

That’s right. The inspiration behind the brand, the Master JayceeBaby was born!

And he was very much the inspiration behind the design of our product.

As a new mummy frittering her time away with baby in London, I was always on the lookout for the best or must-have products. I could never, however, find a soft enough playmat for my very active son! Coupled with the realisation that a lack of tummy time (because my fussy (but oh so cute) baby would not lay on his tummy on any hard surface) had resulted in a head shape deformity, I set about to make him a truly padded, soft playmat.

Like any mummy who is all about quality, I made sure my playmat would have all the features my son needed – lots of interesting textures on the face of the mat, two sides to explore, wipe-clean surface and of course, machine washable! Add that to the incredibly soft 5cm of padding and large surface area (so mummy can lay down with baby of course!) and the Perfectly Padded Playmat was complete.

So to celebrate with us, we are offering 15% off this month (April 2018) using the code: Play15! 

(or 50% off using code April50 to the first lucky 50 customers who use the code!)

Oh, and almost 4 years on, and he is still loving his super soft playmat! After all, its the perfect place to lie on and play with cars (or somersault…mostly that now….boys….what can you do….).

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