The Perfectly Padded Playmat

The incredibly soft Perfectly Padded Playmat is best described as a play cushion due to it’s 5cm of thick foam padding! With its large 100 x 150cm surface and numerous interactive features, you can join in the fun as baby practises tummy time, reaches for toys, rolls over and even starts to crawl! And better yet, this unique playmat will never crumple under baby as they move across the surface!

The Perfectly Padded Playmat is double-sided, and comes with a detachable plastic sheet for feeding and messy play, making it ideal for newborn babies and toddlers!

Key Features

  • Water resistant: ideal for mopping up dribbles and spills to keep the mat clean and hygienic.
  • Machine washable cover for an occasional wash!
  • Double Sided: 2 feature packed sides to engage newborn babies up to toddlers.
  • Messy play: Detachable plastic sheet can be used on either surface of the mat; use it for feeding, painting, colouring, soft dough and much more!
  • Folds up for storage: Use our carry handle system to fold up and store the mat when not in use.

Baby Side

  • Perfect for tummy time and learning to roll over.
  • Interactive elements across the mat.
  • Lots of different textures and sounds to explore.
  • Black and white patterns to engage newborns.

Interactive Elements

  • Black and white pictures and patterns for newborns
  • Large mirror hidden behind the crinkle doors
  • Black and white squeaky balls
  • Butterfly plushy with crinkly wings and numerous textures
  • Shiny spiral thread on the snail’s shell
  • Colourful elephant’s tail to find and pull
  • Smooth bubbles to explore
  • Different flower petal textures to feel
  • Soft owl with a textured beak

Toddler Side

  • Perfect for learning to crawl and walk.
  • Support your toddler as they discover new objects and names.
  • Encourage speech by asking them to name objects and link them to everyday scenarios.
  • Create stories and engage in imaginative play.

Tummy Time

Is it important? We think so.

It strengthens back and shoulder muscles, which help with crawling, and neck muscles so babies can hold their heads up.

It also relieves pressure exerted on the back of a baby’s head during sleep. Regular bursts of tummy time can allow the head to take its natural shape.

Tummy Time can be started from birth for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times daily when the baby is awake and alert.

*Always supervise tummy time, do not allow baby to fall asleep on tummy as this can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome/cotdeath syndrome.

Feature Packed

12 unique features in one playmat!


Care instructions:

  • wash the cover inside out, on a delicate cycle (cold wash or under 30 degrees) and ideally by itself or with light colours only!
  • Remove the mirror card before washing!
  • Keep the plastic sheet attached to the outside of the mat when folded to keep it nice and clean when in storage!


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